Pet friendly travel tips from Property Management of Hayward

We have compiled a few pet friendly travel tips our cabin owners discovered while visiting the Hayward and Cable area of Northwest Wisconsin. We know how excited you are to bring your pet along on vacation to the Hayward area and we want your stay in a Property Management of Hayward pet friendly cabin to be comfortable and relaxing for you and your pet.

Pet friendly travel tips

  • Visit your Vet and make sure your pets vaccinations are all up to date. Bring a copy of their records.
  • Bring medications; If your pet has any special needs, make sure you are prepared to take care of them should the need arise.
  • I.D. for your pets. Your pets should have current I.D. tags on or be micro-chipped. Consider a temporary tag with your cell phone number or where you’re staying if one location. If your pet becomes lost, someone might be trying to reach you in Chicago while you’re in Hayward WI. Make it easy for people to locate you.
  • Treat your pet for fleas and ticks before leaving for your Hayward up-north vacation. With the abundance of wildlife in the ticks and other pests can be a common occurrence.
  • Bring your pets bedding (please wash beforehand) and any toys they might want to have along. Carpeting, furniture, and throw rugs are not acceptable chew toys. While many pets sleep in the same bed as their owners (our owners included) please consider the other vacationing guests who’ll be staying in the cabin after you. They might not be pet people and used to having pet hair around as a natural occurrence. Even our owners pets sleep on on the floor when they are at their own cabin. If you think your pet will have a problem getting up on the furniture, please bring a clean blanket of some sort to cover the furniture. Again, please be considerate of the owners and those who will stay in the rental cabin after you.
  • Bring more than enough pet food with you, especially if you feed your pets special food. Pet food available in the Hayward area may not be the same as what you feed your pets at home. There is a Wal-Mart in Hayward but better yet the Northern Lakes Co-op Feedmill has a great selection of pet supplies and carry the larger national brands such as Purina but no guarantee they’ll carry what you normally feed your pets.
  • Bring your pet’s water/food bowls with you. Make sure you carry water with you when traveling around the area for your pets when you are out hiking. The local wildlife can safely drink the water in lakes and streams but it’s not always a good idea for your pet.
  • Keep your dog on a leash. A dog unfamiliar with the woods can get into trouble off lead, if they encounter a sudden drop off or an unfriendly animal encounter. Keep in mind you’re in the natural environment of the Hayward area and an encounter with a bear, wood-chuck, porcupine, deer, turkey or other animals your pet may not be familiar with or want to chase is not unheard of.
  • Cleanup after your pet when staying at any of our pet friendly rental cabins, please be considerate of our neighbors and the next guest to stay at the cabin.
  • Bring along a photo of your pet. Just in case something happens and they get lost, you’ll have something with you to help identify them.
  • A parked car can get hot even in the Hayward Wisconsin. Remember to allow cross ventilation in a parked vehicle if you must have your pet with you when driving around the areas
  • If traveling a long distance, you might want to test your pets with short trips to make sure they travel well. If necessary ask you vet about Medications to help calm your pet on a long drive.