Why should vacation rental properties use PMH’S caretaking services?

We strongly encourage our rental property owners to hire our caretaking services so we can coordinate these services with rental occupancy. Renters don’t appreciate the sound of a chainsaw in the backyard; wading through snow to get to the front door or dealing with caretakers working on the property during their stay. Therefore, hiring Property Management of Hayward for these services enables us to ensure the property is ready for renters and avoid renter complaints. Renters often inform us when something needs attention and this allows us to take care of the issue quickly and smoothly. They also feel comfortable knowing that the caretaker is with our company providing professional and reputable service and not some guy from down the street doing odd jobs. Hence, make renters happy and eager to return by hiring our services!

Are there other reasons why I need caretaking services?

The Northwoods can be hard on properties with severe storms, downed trees, cold temperatures and occasional power outages. Nobody likes to take a vacation to enjoy their second home only to spend the bulk of it making minor repairs, doing yard work and installing docks. Therefore, have peace of mind and enjoy your vacations when you hire Property Management of Hayward’s caretaking services. We provide the following services for our rental properties:
    • Landscape Maintenance (mowing, trimming, pruning, weeding, Fall/Spring cleanups)
    • Snow removal (snowplowing, snow blowing/shoveling)
    • Heat Monitoring
    • Dock installation & removal
    • Light bulb & battery replacement
    • Storm damage cleanup
    • Pressure washing
  • Drinking water sampling/testing
  • House Checks
    • Security check (all windows & doors locked, alarm system functional)
    • Plumbing check (run water, flush toilets unless winterized)
    • Survey for storm damage
    • Thermostat, light bulbs, smoke/CO detector checks
    • Propane & electricity checks
You may hire us to do any or all of the above. All you need to do is choose which services you would like and we will provide you with a quote tailored to your specific needs.